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I am very grateful to be awarded the Prestige 2023 Anger Management Specialist of the Year Award for London and South East England.

I firmly believe traditional, generic Anger Management courses fail people because everyone is different and everyone has a different past. This award is evidence for me that my personalised, 1-2-1 approach is the optimal way to overcome anger issues.


The impact of anger...

Anger is a normal, healthy emotion. Anger arises when something happens in our environment which challenges our values, beliefs or expectations. Usually, anger is proportionate to the situation and soon settles.

When anger becomes dysfunctional, it can cause significant damage to our most important relationships. Unfortunately some people leave getting help until it’s too late and their relationship breaks down. Uncontrolled anger – or rage – is characterised by excessive acts of aggression, threatening behaviour and verbal/physical outbursts.

Over time, anger creates toxicity within your mind and in the case of relationships, leads to your partner feeling unsafe, scared and feeling like they have to walk on eggshells around you.

Anger and aggression is one of the biggest causes of relationship breakdown and family stress.

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Outbursts of anger, stress and frustration. This could be verbally towards yourself or could be directed at someone in your environment. 

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Small, unimportant issues turn into huge arguments where you both say things you don’t mean. Snappy comments, criticism and conflict prevents you from relaxing and enjoying yourself.

Relationship separation, break-ups and family conflict. You treat the people you love the most with the most anger and aggression leading to feelings of shame, regret and sadness.

The 5 stages of Anger and Aggression

These 5 stages of anger and aggression describe the journey from normal behaviour to uncontrolled rage. This will not happen for every person every time but is helpful to understand the different phases.

The Trigger – Something or someone in your environment triggers an aggressive response. Sometimes the trigger is obvious and easy to spot (e.g your partner shouts at you), sometimes it is subtle and seems to start for little or no reason.

The Escalation – You become visibly irritable and hostile. Your body tenses up, muttering under your breath, giving snappy responses or showing clear signs of agitation. Aggression builds – sometimes slowly bubbling up, sometimes more explosive.

The Crisis – Angry and aggressive behaviour intensifies. At this point, your ability to think calmly and communicate effective is severely limited. You may feel like you lose control of your actions. Verbal anger could take the form of confrontation, arguments or threats.  Physical aggression also may occur here, towards objects or people. This can feel very scary for the others involved, particularly if they are your loved ones.

The Recovery – Anger subsides. You may feel very upset, guilty or ashamed of your behaviour. You may leave the situation, feel very remorseful or even get upset and cry. In this stage you may seek for forgiveness from those you got angry towards.

Normal function – You are fully back in control of your emotions and can continue as normal. However those around you may continue to struggle.

We believe you deserve to be free of anger. To feel calm, relaxed and to enjoy yourself.

I understand what it feels like to feel overwhelmed with anger, to lash out and later regret it, to throw or damage objects only for you to have to pick up the pieces later.

I also understand the damage anger can do to your most important relationships. To realise that the damage has been done and that things have gone beyond repair, as well as the shame and regret that comes with it.

On the other side of anger...

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Feel calmer, more relaxed and more comfortable

Better relationships, better connection and more intimacy.

Improved communication, more trust and transparency.

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