Anger Resolution

frequently asked questions

Sessions typically last approximately 45 minutes. However I advise booking out an hour so that we are in no rush to finish

Anger management programmes are most effective when scheduled on a weekly basis, although this can change depending on personal preference and scheduling issues.

The duration of therapy ranges from 5 to 12 weeks.

Absolutely. Everything in our sessions is confidential.

Upon completion of the programme you will receive a certificate of completion as well as a report outlining the content covered, your attitude to the programme and any additional notes.

If you have been instructed by a judge, social services or your lawyer to attend an Anger Management course, or you’re involved with involved with CAFCASS – completing an Anger Management programme can be used to support claims and provide evidence of your determination to change.

Yes. I have been working and providing sessions online since 2015. It is an ideal way to resolve anger issues without the hassle and additional time/money costs required from face-to-face appointments.

Specialised anger management courses are designed to help you identify the root cause of anger and resolve it. Unlike traditional anger therapies which involve you going into depth about how you feel and the struggles you are having, anger resolution is different.

Cutting edge techniques to change the way you think and feel can help you significantly change your life in less than 3 months.

Anger Management programmes start at £795+VAT and can be paid for via instalments.

Absolutely. All of the programmes can be paid for through via instalments through the PayPal ‘Pay in 3’ option.

This will depend on your specific goals. The majority of clients who are looking to achieve long-term, sustainable and permanent changes in feelings of anger, as well as improving the quality of their relationships and reducing stress levels choose the full programme – The Anger Resolution programme.

Some people who believe they require less support to reach their desired goals may choose one of the condensed packages.

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