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Anger management sessions are private, personalised, 1-2-1 appointments delivered online through free video conferencing software.

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Anger issues require specialised help to resolve triggers in a healthy and non-judgemental way. No previous therapy experience is required.

anger management guarantee

I personally 100% guarantee if you show up to the sessions with an open mind, do the work and follow one simple exercise each week – your anger will change.

Premium Anger management help

Anger counselling helps you understand why you have anger… But you’re still angry.

Traditional Anger Management helps you to cope with anger… But you’re still angry.

My bespoke, tried-and-tested Anger Resolution programme is the only programme designed to help resolve anger.

Anger Resolution is the only programme on the market designed to help resolve the root causes of anger using the revolutionary Split Second Unlearning model to unlearn the excessive anger response.

If your anger is having damaging and negative effects on yourself or your loved ones and you’re ready to change, invest in yourself and create lasting change that both you and your loved ones deserve.

**Due to the high volume of enquiries, please read the FAQ’s regarding pricing before completing the contact form.

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The Anger and Aggression Cycle

How does anger happen?

  1. Trigger. Something or someone in your environment triggers an aggressive response.
  2. Escalation. You become visibly irritable and hostile. your body tenses up. Aggression builds.
  3. Crisis. You lose control.
  4. Recovery. Anger subsides. You feel upset, guilty or ashamed of your behaviour.
  5. Normal Function. You are back in control of your emotions but the damage has been done.
Danny Greeves Anger and aggression cycle

Traditional talking therapy tries to give you coping strategies to manage your response after you get triggered.

Anger Resolution programmes work to neutralise the triggers, resolving triggers so there is no anger response in the first place.

What type of thinking do you have?

System One and Two Thinking are two distinct modes of thinking proposed by Nobel Prize-winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman.

System One is fast, emotional and erratic. System Two is measured, reasonable and logical.

System One Thinking

  • Emotional
  • Fast
  • Automatic responses
  • Unconscious
  • Quick to judge and make decisions
  • Operates on incomplete information
  • Mental shortcuts based on past experiences

System Two Thinking

  • Slower, measured responses
  • Consciously thinking situations though
  • Reasoning
  • Problem-solving
  • Logical
  • Deliberate decision-making
  • Analytical and less prone to error

If you are stuck in the habit of System One thinking, it is likely you frequently lose your temper, overreact to situations, and struggle to control your response.

This is toxic to relationships and leaves the people around you walking on eggshells.

System Two thinking is a skill that can be developed with practice and guidance. It will transform the way you interact with those around you and your most important relationships.

Are you ready to change your thinking?

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Award-winning Specialised Anger Resolution Services

Jonathan - Software engineer and father

"The amount of stress and anguish this has removed from my day has been profound"

Anger counselling ner me

David - Logistics consultant and father

"I feel an absolute different person, a massive weight has been lifted. I feel so light & happy"

Simone - Finance strategy and mother

"It’s been life changing, filled me with hope when there was none"

Danny Greeves Anger Management online

Anger Management Services

How angry are you?

In 2021, 83% of clients reported they respond with anger when feeling threatened, uncertain or afraid.

78% of clients report losing their temper twice a week or more.

67% of clients report their stress level as high.

72% of clients report up until starting anger management, they had no effective strategies or tactics to help control their anger.

Specialised Anger Management Services

anger resolution

Anger is a normal, healthy emotion. When it becomes uncontrolled or excessive it can cause significant damage.

Find and identify the root causes of anger for long-term change. Discover how to reduce and resolve feelings of anger in just a few weeks. Learn how to master your emotions to stay in control of anger so you can express yourself in healthy, productive ways.

Anger Strategies

Most clients that I meet are battling with the stresses of everyday life without any tools to keep calm and in control.

Daily stresses such as work, relationship and family issues build up and over time lead to outbursts of anger. Discover simple, powerful tools to keep your nervous system calm and improve your overall wellbeing. These simple techniques put you in control.

Anger Communication

Anger management issues are rarely one person’s fault. In most cases miscommunication is at the root of most problems.

Discover how to communicate in healthy, productive ways, where you and your loved ones can work together to improve communication. This results in less stress, fewer arguments and therefore much greater levels of connection and intimacy.

Want to know why you see red?

Watch this 90-second video which explains what happens in the brain when you ‘see red’. 

Play Video about Before and After Anger Danny Greeves

Award Winning Specialist

I am very grateful to be awarded the Prestige 2023 Anger Management Specialist of the Year Award for London and South East England.

I firmly believe traditional, generic Anger Management courses fail people because everyone is different and everyone has a different past. This award is evidence for me that my personalised, 1-2-1 approach is the optimal way to overcome anger issues.


Get my new book!

Traditional Anger Management training focuses on helping you understand what triggers your anger and providing coping mechanisms to deal with these intense emotions. But do we deserve more than just coping? Greeves and Anger Resolution argue an emphatic ‘Yes!”

The approach of Anger Resolution is different from the typical methods found in self-help books for anger management, such as deep breathing or mindfulness. These strategies only scratch the surface of managing anger. To truly resolve uncontrolled anger, it is necessary to thoroughly examine the complex nature of this emotion.

Anger Resolution focuses on delving deeper into the underlying causes and developing a more comprehensive and personalised approach to resolving anger issues.

Anger Resolution focuses on delving deeper into the underlying causes and developing a more comprehensive and personalised approach to resolving anger issues.

Are you ready to transform the way you see anger?

Buy the book here.

Daily Mail Anger Expert

In December 2022’s Femail Magazine- part of the Daily Mail newspaper, I share how cases of anger management are on the rise and women as well as men are struggling with anger issues.

To read the online article visit here.

Danny Greeves Anger Management BBC

BBC Radio Anger Awareness

I was delighted to join Stephen Bumphrey on BBC Radio Norfolk for National Anger Awareness Week 2022.

We chatted through when anger becomes an issue, when to seek help and some quick tips to help keep anger in check.

frequently asked questions

Sessions typically last approximately 45 minutes. However I advise booking out an hour so that we are in no rush to finish

Anger management programmes are most effective when scheduled on a weekly basis, although this can change depending on personal preference and scheduling issues.

The duration of therapy ranges from 5 to 12 weeks.

Absolutely. Everything in our sessions is confidential.

Upon completion of the programme you will receive a certificate of completion as well as a report outlining the content covered, your attitude to the programme and any additional notes.

If you have been instructed by a judge, social services or your lawyer to attend an Anger Management course, or you’re involved with involved with CAFCASS – completing an Anger Management programme can be used to support claims and provide evidence of your determination to change.

Yes. I have been working and providing sessions online since 2015. It is an ideal way to resolve anger issues without the hassle and additional time/money costs required from face-to-face appointments.

Specialised anger management courses are designed to help you identify the root cause of anger and resolve it. Unlike traditional anger therapies which involve you going into depth about how you feel and the struggles you are having, anger resolution is different.

Cutting edge techniques to change the way you think and feel can help you significantly change your life in less than 3 months.

Anger Management programmes start at £795+VAT and can be paid for via instalments.

Absolutely. All of the programmes can be paid for through via instalments through the PayPal ‘Pay in 3’ option.

This will depend on your specific goals. The majority of clients who are looking to achieve long-term, sustainable and permanent changes in feelings of anger, as well as improving the quality of their relationships and reducing stress levels choose the full programme – The Anger Resolution programme.

Some people who believe they require less support to reach their desired goals may choose one of the condensed packages.

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